• Misty Gage

Girls Only!

We all know taking breaks from everyday life is a necessary way to recharge but did you know there's actually lots of research out there supporting the health benefits of girls weekends, trips and retreats?

It's true, research shows that spending time with friends helps boost oxytocin production (aka the happy hormone), helps extend life expectancy, increases pain tolerance and can lower your chance of heart disease.

Sounds great already right! But, the best thing is simply the opportunity to be true to you.

Our crazy, hectic lives strip us of companionship, support and daily (grown up) conversations we need and crave.

How often do you get together with your girls? Does a cup of coffee with your bestie or a night out on the town with your closest girlfriends bring vitality, energy and a fresher perspective to your days?

Just imagine what a whole weekend or maybe a weeklong retreat could do. The benefits could be endless.

I bet right now you're thinking, "when was the last time I had a getaway with my girlfriends or could I really afford to take a weekend off?"

I'm willing to bet it's been a while (possibly never) and I know you can do it. Where there's a will there's a way right!

If you're still not convinced here's a few more reasons to start planning your girls weekend right now:

1. Your happiness levels will soar! The bond between women is critical to our physical and mental well-being.

2. You'll teach other women in your life the value of good friendships and self-care.

3. It will help you appreciate your life and those in it.

4. Having the chance to act silly and do things you wouldn’t normally do on a daily basis will take years off your life.

5. You'll laugh; burning calories, relieving stress, relaxing your body and improving your circulation. Laughter really is the best medicine!

6. You'll gain clarity through discussions and debates of issues that only other women can really understand.

Spending the weekend or week with your girls doesn't have to be expensive. Get creative and make it fun! Try these ideas to get you started.

1. Book a vacation rental for the weekend.

2. Round up your girls and go camping.

3. Grab your bestie and take a road trip.

4. Join a creative retreat.

5. Create your own creative retreat.

6. Book a weekend at that new hotel in town.

7. Invite your girls over for a fun filled sleepover weekend.

'til next time,


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