• Misty Gage

Forgotten Treasures

It all started with a plate almost a year ago...

I held the discarded treasure tightly in my hands at the thrift store, knowing it's future would be something beautiful one day so I searched around and was able to find three other matching plates. Yay, my lucky day!

They made their way home with me and sat on my floor, waiting, these beautifully whimsy plates couldn't just be displayed any old way. I had to find their perfect match.

Then one day, months later, I stumbled upon the perfect abandoned cabinet door at Earth Wise in Tacoma. I couldn't get it home fast enough!

Two coats of paint and some embellishments later, a beautiful creation emerged just as I'd imagined and now hangs lovingly on my wall.

1. Wash your plates.

2. Using an all purpose glue, adhere a doily to the center of each plate.

3. Using an all purpose glue, adhere your greenery to the doily however you choose.

4. Using an all purpose glue, adhere your flowers to the center of each doily.

5. Using a multi-surface acrylic, paint your cabinet door and let dry. This step is only required if you wish to change the color.

6. Attach your hanging hardware to the back of your cabinet door.

7. Using an all purpose glue, adhere your plates onto the front of the cabinet door however you choose.

8. Hang your beautiful new art décor!

What's needed:


All purpose glue


Silk greenery

Silk flowers

Multi-surface acrylic

Hanging hardware

Happy Crafting,


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