• Misty Gage

Finding Purpose

I'm constantly making something new, nearly every day brings a new challenge, project or technique into my life. Sometimes it's instant love and sometimes it's just not working for me. Sharing these experiences is something I simply adore! I've always loved teaching others how to "create."

Now mind you, I'm not interested in telling you how something has to be done, I'm not an instructor. I am a teacher! I'm all about hands on learning. I also love that creativity gives you the option of doing things your way. There's no such thing as right or wrong. Each of us is unique (something I'm truly thankful for) which means our art and creativity are too.

As a teacher it's my job to give you the knowledge, tools and experiences to create your way. Workshops are my way of doing that. I've taught them on and off for years now and it has ALWAYS been a dream of mine to expand into offering retreats but I've never given much thought to why the constant desire is there in the first place.

While searching the net, for who knows what now, I came across wanderlustentrepreaner.com. While wandering around the site and reading through everything they offer I began to ponder why I wanted what I wanted so badly. Do I just love sharing? Yes! But it's more than that too. Several posts on the site prompted me to really dig deep and ask some important questions.

The more I answered the more detailed I got and more details lead to deeper digging. It didn't take me long to see that there actually was a valid reason and purpose to my desire to teach. It isn't about sharing, I can show my work to anyone at anytime. It's about sharing creativity! In my line of work I run across countless people who "aren't crafty or crafters" and hear "I wish I was" or "I'd love to be able to do that" so often I've lost count.

So teaching for me really comes down to giving others the opportunities to realize they are crafty or at least can be. I'm here to give everyone the opportunities to use your imagination (or borrow mine) so you can be inspired and continue being creative long after I've gone.

That! That right there is why I love teaching. I love reaching out to those who are scared, lost or just plain unconfident in themselves and watching them bloom into their very own creative spirits with the confidence to spread their wings and fly!

'Til next time,


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