• Misty Gage

Falling in Love

The warm summer air turns crisp and chilly. The leaves being to change a flourish of painted colors. The glorious sun trades hours of roaming the sky for more slumber. Autumn is upon us!

As I hold this once green leaf in my hand I am overcome with both sadness and love. Fall is my favorite season of all but this year it feels as though its come too fast. My summer days were puttered away at work or too tired to get out there and really enjoy the days of summer that are so precious to me here in the PNW.

Thinking back on all of those lost days of warm sunshine and endless journeys brings heaviness and loss to my heart. I will never get those seconds, minutes, days and months back. They are gone to me forever.

Staring into the vibrant colors of change around me I can't help but draw similarities to my life. Every second I loose (or waste) not doing what I love or enjoying the life I'm living fractures my heart a little bit more.

But dwelling in the past doesn't change it and I will not waste more time looking behind when life meanders on before me. She doesn't stop because I fall behind. She won't stop time while I try to catch up. She simply wanders on her way, happy in herself.

Fall (for me) holds more delight, wonder and love than summer ever could and though I may not get to explore the outdoors as much this time of year, there are endless blessings abound to savor.

Fall's vibrant colors sing to my soul of warmth and comfort. A banquet for the eyes! Pumpkins, cool morning air and wonderful friends implore my heart to be still; to bask in the bounty of the season. Endless waves of joy lift my spirit as fall fills my world.

I may not get my lost summer days back but Autumn will forever have my love.

'til next time,


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