• Misty Gage

Fabric Swatch Mini Journals

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

Keeping it simple and beautiful is pretty easy when you have a great imagination and the desire to make things happen. Take a look around your house, I bet you'll be surprised what you can come up with.

A while ago my friend, Aubrey and I came across these awesome old upholstery fabric swatch books at Tinkertopia. They've been hanging around our places ever since just waiting for the perfect project.

And here it is! Simply beautiful little mini journals.

1. Fold your fabric swatch in half.

2. Cut your paper bags down to size.

3. Using a hot glue gun, adhere your last page to the back (inside) of the journal.

4. Adhere the rest of the pages on top of each other using your favorite adhesive.

5. Measure a length of twine that can wrap around the journal once or twice and tie shut.

6. Adhere your twine to the front of the journal using a hot glue gun.

7. Adhere your embellishments to the front of the journal over the twine. (This covers up the glue you used for the twine).

What you'll need:

Upholstery fabric swatches

Hot glue gun and glue sticks

Paper bags



Embellishments (paper flowers, buttons, etc.)

Happy Crafting,


P.S. If you'd like to make your own and don't have any swatches let me know....I've got plenty to share.

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