• Misty Gage

Everything has a Purpose

With work, crafting, life, new business ventures and Christmas over the past couple of months my tiny apartment has turned into a collection station, every flat surface is covered in notes, unfinished projects and a thousand other things. To say it's bothering me is an understatement. I need my organization and clean space for my creativity to flourish and be more productive. In all honesty, I should never have let the situation become such a problem in the first place but sometimes cleaning is the last thing on my mind when I'm juggling so many things.

With that being said I've decided to spend the weekend putting everything on hold (something quite hard for me) until I get the apartment back to sparkling organization.

Which leads me to today's project and though it isn't something I actually made myself it's something I still wanted to share. I've had this stand in my room for years. It's a "scrapbook" I brought home from work, you know one of those where the plastic page sleeves hang from the top. I loved the metal working and the idea of the scrapbook not sitting on the table but when I got it home and filled in the pages I actually hated it. I know, sad face right.

Well, you know me, I couldn't just get ride of it so it's been waiting, like 90% of the stuff in my place, for a new purpose. Luckily today is it's day. If you didn't know, I make most of my own jewelry and until now they've been strung from pushpins in the back of my closet. Real fancy right!?! Nope, but they were out of the way which is what mattered. Unfortunately, I couldn't see them on a daily bases and that just isn't working for me anymore. They need a place in the spotlight. A place that shows off their beauty and uniqueness.

Queue the scrapbook rack! Now all my lovies can show themselves off and I'm more inclined to wear one every day. It's a win win. Just goes to show that everything has a purpose and when you open your heart and just love what you love everything works itself out.

Now back to cleaning, wish me luck!

Happy Crafting,


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