• Misty Gage

Dream Big

As many of you know I'm a big dreamer. My creativity and imagination are hard to contain and dreams are born.

Amazing full-color dreams that are larger than life; pursuits in the making, future goals, creations waiting for life.

I love sharing them with you and inspiring you to dream big and to follow your own dreams wherever they may lead you.

Don't be afraid to chase them and when they come true, find a new one to follow. The world and all it's possibilities are yours!

1. Mix acrylic to your modeling paste.

2. Spread a thin layer of modeling paste/acrylic mixture over canvas.

3. Use a pallet knife or business card to smooth down the modeling paste.

4. Use a pallet knife, business card, or sponge to gently pat the surface of the modeling paste around the edge of the canvas, creating texture.

5. Use a cup or toilet paper roll to create textured circles on the canvas. Let dry completely.

6. Dilute white acrylic with water to create a "wash".

7. Using a paint brush, lightly spread the "wash" around the outer edge of the canvas. This creates an aged look. Let dry.

8. Spray ink wherever you choose. Let dry.

9. Adhere your embellishments to the canvas.

What you'll need:


Modeling paste

Acrylic paint

Pallet knife or business card


Cup or toilet paper roll


Paint brush

Spray ink


Embellishments: Fabric flower, cardboard, fabric, burlap wrapped wire, paper leaf, chipboard phrase and rhinestones

Happy Crafting,


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