• Misty Gage

Dragonfly Dreams

I love trying new things, experimenting with new colors and playing with new textures.

It's so much fun just throwing something amazing together with no reason or plan for the outcome. It's liberating, joyful and oh so much fun!

This canvas is a little bit of all of that all rolled into one.

1. Paint your canvas. Let dry. I used two different colors and blended them sporadically across the canvas.

2. Using a small brush, paint random color streaks vertically down the canvas. Continue until you've covered about 3/4 of the canvas. Let dry.

3. Place your stencil diagonally along the "blank" edge of the canvas so it only overlaps a couple of the color streaks. Paint your stencil using a sponge to give it more texture. Let dry.

4. Use your small brush to paint around the edge of the canvas. Be sure to sweep into the canvas with some of your strokes. This gives the color a "floating" effect.

5. Use gel medium and a stencil around the top and bottom edge of the canvas to create more texture. Let dry.

6. Embellish. My dragonfly was cut out using a Cricut and then hand painted (if you don't own a diecut machine you can use a stamp or other embellishment). I also alternated using bottons, hole-punched paper and brads for more texturing.

What you'll need:


Acrylic paint




Gel medium

Embellishments (Paper, Hole punch, Buttons, brads)

All purpose glue

Happy Crafting,


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