• Misty Gage

Creative Fears

Updated: Aug 10, 2019


It's just one little word but for many of us that one little bitty word is monumental, crippling and sends our hearts into our throats.

Why, what is it about fear that destroys your resolve so quickly?

There are many, many things that block creativity everyday: procrastination, over-scheduling, hectic lives, etc., etc. but I'd be willing to bet that FEAR of failure, of making mistakes, of not being perfect or of being rejected is the number one cause of creativity crippling fear.

Embracing these simple fears and ignoring your creativity can leave you frustrated and empty.

You were created to be CREATIVE, to CREATE, to express yourself and live a beautiful life.

Your natural born creativity is an inherent asset that allows you to be flexible and adaptable to change. Opening yourself up to "failure" (or opportunity as I like to call it) and mistakes leads you to unexpected discoveries, dreams you never knew where possible and knowledge beyond your wildest dreams.

There's no wrong when it comes to creativity, there's only possibilities waiting to be tried.

So, where do these irrational fears come from?

As a child you absorb everything around you, you soak it in like a greedy little sponge, and the people around you "control" how you see the world and yourselves. You learn from them; "how to be" and "who you are".

Important parts of you get "erased" by what other people say but because of how you feel about what they are saying. For some that's where creativity dies; before it's even given the chance to live.

You grow up internalizing those judgments and become amazing at crushing your own creativity. YOU become your most vicious critic.

But don't lose hope. You are also your best hope for change.

Forget what you think you know about the world and yourself. You are not what others make you.

Creativity thrives on uncertainty. Know it, breath it, feel it in your soul.

Uncertainty is a lifeline to your creativity when you connect to the part of you that thrives on creation instead of always focusing on what the outcome will be.

Letting your senses explore every moment, every new place and experience will lead you to wonderful new ideas and creative inspiration everywhere.

Delighting in the process of creation will keep you coming back, even when its hard or frustrating. Staying playful and curious will help you navigate those sure to happen "failures" that are just a part of creativity and keep those dragons of self-doubt at bay.

The worst thing you can do is to be ashamed of your creativity.

Embrace your quirks, your unique and weird ways of perceiving and expressing, they make your creativity unlike any other.

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