• Misty Gage

Crafty as a Fox

With fall in the air I couldn't resist the opportunity to shower my bestie in gifts, which luckily for me, also means crafting.

I've been eye-balling this little fox at work for weeks thinking how cute it would look and how much Aubrey would love it when I was done. So I scooped it up and brought her home.

Gotta say, she turned out beautifully and was a great hit with Aubrey.

1. Purchase (or create) a ceramic figurine.

2. Use acrylic to paint several layers of base coat, allowing to dry in between each layer.

3. Once dry, paint in all of your secondary colors.

4. Paint in all of your details. Wanting to add some extra color, I used the back of a paint brush and several different colors to add dot accents.

5. Let everything dry 100%.

6. Use, sealer to create a protective layer over your paint. Let dry completely.

7. Tie a little scarf or bow and you are all done!

What you'll need:

Paint brush

Acrylic paint


Ceramic figurine


Happy crafting,


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