• Misty Gage

Crafting With Mother Nature

Today's project was inspired by a big ol' wind storm we had a few weeks back. The morning after, when I brought my Coco outside, there were dozens of branches all over the place.

I love incorporating Mother Nature into my crafting and here she was inspiring me to create!

I gathered several of them up and now had to decide what to make.

With both my sister's birthdays this month I figured why not use them as gifts and send some Washington beauty their way.

1. Find a branch you love. Cut it down to the desired size and trim off any extra branches.

2. Seal the branch using Modge Podge, gel medium or a lacquer.

3. If you have the equipment, cut a second branch to make your disks. Otherwise just purchase then.

4. Drill holes in the top of each disks.

5. Paint your word, one letter per disks. Let dry.

6. Repeat step five on the back of each disks. Let dry.

6. Seal all disks, front and back, drying each side before sealing the other.

7. Cut desired twine lengths and hang all disks.

8. Use your hot glue gun to attach the bundle of flowers to the branch. Wrap with twine and glue in place. Mine are silk so they won't die.

9. Wrap the other side of the branch with twine so they match, leaving enough length in between so you can hang the branch.

What you'll need:



Sealer (mod pod, gel medium, lacquer, etc.)

Wood disks


Acrylic paint


Hot glue gun


Happy Crafting,


Here's another variation you can try!