• Misty Gage

Comet Falls Trail

This 3.8 mile roundtrip trail with an elevation gain of 1250 ft. is definitely the most strenuous hike I've taken in the area so far.

It starts with a short walk from the parking area to a bridge crossing over Van Trump Creek. This unique vantage point gives you a different perspective of Christine Falls from above.

Van Trump Creek

From here the trail meanders along Van Trump Creek offering several lovely views of the creek.

Van Trump Creek

Unfortunately this is where the semi-casual stroll ends and you begin scaling a rock face on a crib ladder. Let me tell you, for a short person some of those steps are monsters. Not to mention exhausting.

Luckily it lasts less than a mile and you're rewarded for your troubles by Bloucher Falls. A magnificent three-tiered waterfall plunging 124 feet into East Fork Van Trump Creek. This beautiful spot offers several places to stop along it's base, beautiful photos and crystal waters to cool off in.

Please be advised that the creek here is incredibly turbulent and fast moving. Children should stay out of the water at all times.

Bloucher Falls

After your well deserved rest cross the East Fork footlog, take a left below the bank to find the trail, then up a few steep switchbacks to another fork in the trail.

Comet Falls

Comet Falls, the highest waterfall in the park at 301 ft. in a single plunge now looms dead ahead. The path on the left will get you right up close to the plunge pool which is spectacular but use caution as rockfall from above is a serious hazard. From this proximity you will be absolutely drenched in just a few minutes so be prepared.

Comet Falls

As impressive as Comet Falls is we only snapped a few photos before heading back to Bloucher Falls, which we were able to enjoy more fully.

The best part of this trail (besides the waterfalls) is that the entire trip back is down hill so breath easy the hard work is behind you.

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