• Misty Gage


My mom swears she's "not a crafter". Give her the choice between crafting and a reading and guess which one wins? The book hands down every time...but every once in a while I get her to try something new with me. I appreciate this time with her. It's fantastic and heartwarming to see her pouring her heart into her project and expanding her creative world.

This week's art is a collaboration I created with my her. We went to a Dirty Pours party a couple of months ago, hosted by my beautiful friend Aubrey, where we learned how to create amazing painted canvases. The technique is tons of fun and inescapably spontaneous. Each piece is a total surprise and you never know how they will turn out, it's fabulous!

The background on this canvas was created 100% by mom at the party but when we got them home she didn't know what to do with them so she gave them to me.

Since I'm so in LOVE with the backgrounds this technique creates I couldn't bring myself to cover up much of it. With that as my driving force I decided to sculpt a clay tree for the focal point. I used an inexpensive modeling clay in two different browns to twist my tree together before baking it. Once it cooled I added metal gears, rhinestones and paper flowers to accent the tree.

The final touch was to paint my chipboard phrase, "cherish" emphasized exactly how this canvas was created and what the memory of mom creating it will forever remind me of. Out of all the colors swirled about this beautiful canvas I chose yellow because it's her favorite color and it will always remind me of her and the time we spend creating together.

Happy crafting,


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