• Misty Gage

Challenge Accepted

I've been inspired and I want to share my journey with you! This large Russell Stover box was headed for the garbage last weekend when I began looking at it a bit closer. It's a nice sturdy box in a unique size, one big enough to get my creativity flowing.

Instead of tossing it, I figured why not get creating instead. I've never used something quite like this before and to be honest, I don't know what it's going to be yet but I've pulled together a couple of items that have been waiting for their day in the sun too and the ideas are starting to pour in.

So today's a teaser, just a little glimpse of where the inspiration started. You'll have to stick around over the following weeks to see where it leads me. Wish me luck!

Happy Crafting,


#russellstover #upcycle #creativelymisty