• Misty Gage

Celebrating Mom

There are several moms in my life that mean a great deal to me. This year I wanted to do something special for some of them; a special token of my appreciation for all that they do and for the love we share.

With the weather finally gorgeous and warm, brunch in the park sounded like the perfect way to do that.

I spent several weeks planning and collecting little things here and there to make the morning extra special for them, they deserve it after all.

Lovely Invitations

1. Find cardstock you love that matches your theme.

2. Cut pieces of your cardstock to make envelope inserts. Easiest way to do this is to cut a rectangle about 1/2" smaller than your entire envelope (including the flap) then trim the top edge to match the envelope design. Glue inside the envelopes.

3. Cut a rectangle of cardstock 1/2" smaller than the inside of your envelope.

4. Print or type your message in the center of the invitation.

5. Add a 1" strip of matching cardstock to the top of the invitations.

What you'll need:


paper trimmer


printer or pen


Floral Table Settings

1. Find the perfect table cover for your theme (I used an old sheet from a local thrift store).

2. Find plates in colors and patterns that match your theme without overwhelming your table (the dinner plates are part of my home set, the saucers were purchased at the local goodwill and the pink ones are paper).

3. Layer all of your elements together to create visual interest.

What you'll need:

Table cover

Dinner plates 7-9"

Dessert plates 6"

Tea saucers

Tea cups

Teacup Favors

1. Find the perfect container to match your theme (my cups were purchased from a local antique store).

2. Purchase some teabags and wrap them in sheer fabric with a jute tie or an organza bag.

3. Add a special message for each person and attach it to the favor.

What you'll need:



Sheer fabric and jute or organza bags




Delicious Desserts

1. Purchase dessert jars.

2. Pipe Philadelphia Ready to Eat Cheesecake Filling into the bottom of the jars using a baggy with one corner cut off. Fill a little under halfway.

3. Spoon in some mashed up berries.

4. Pipe in the rest of the Philadelphia Ready to Eat Cheesecake Filling.

5. Refrigerate for 1 hour.

What you'll need:

Dessert jars

Sandwich baggy with one corner cut off


Philadelphia Ready to Eat Cheesecake Filling

Mashed up berries of your choice

Happy celebrating!


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