• Misty Gage

Cardboard Cuties

Don't have any extra canvas on hand and no extra money to purchase it. Great! Grab some cardboard and craft away. Cardboard is one of my favorite materials to use. It is incredibly versatile, can be found in great abundance and is dirt cheap, making it ideal for crafting on a budget. With a little creativity and imagination cardboard can look just as beautiful as any other piece of art you create.

I love things that are simple, usable and inexpensive to make. Keeping things from clogging up the landfills doesn't hurt either. One day at work while I was compacting a ton of cardboard I couldn't help thinking what a waist it seemed. Many of you would be appalled by the shear number of items that find their way into corporate garbage, it's no wonder so many people dumpster dive.

That's when I decided to start using more cardboard in my crafting. I went home that very day and began creating my Cardboard Cuties. They are simple little cardboard notebooks or journals.

After applying a coat of gesso and letting it dry, I paint a simple two color background pallet to soften the harsh cardboard look. It's a good idea to paint the inside and outside of both of your covers unless you want a more natural look. For the accents I use a sponge, rolled up toilet paper roll or any other object I think will leave a nice design.

For the pages I cut up old paper bags or brown packing paper and punch a couple of holes through them. From here it's simply putting the book together. I tend to use embroidery floss or jute, depending on the look I'm going for. Buttons add cute pops of color and fun to the finished piece. Lastly should you choose, I add simple, meaningful stamp phrases.

These cardboard cuties are oh so simple, can be created in any way imaginable and can be giving as great gifts. Why not try out some cardboard creations today?

Happy Crafting,


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