• Misty Gage

Capturing Mother Nature

I am a huge fan I mother nature and I LOVE being outside. There's so much freedom and adventure in exploring somewhere new.

Nature offers a retreat from the stress of everyday life, a place to get away, and a sense of peace in a hectic world.

For me, being outside is about spreading my wings, facing fears/challenges head-on, pushing myself to be better and seeing/experiencing/enjoying the world as the exquisite living artwork that it is.

Bringing my camera along allows me not only to see the big pictures but also to focus on the tiniest of details all while bringing me closer to a world I adore. It allows me to capture a precious second in time and hold it in my memories forever.

It also allows me the great privilege of capturing those moments for others, people who've never been to these amazing places, people who can't make it here on their own, people who dream of something bigger.

It is my honor to share our beautiful world with others.

1. Create a 5x7" card base.

2. Cut a 4.25x6.25" piece of cardstock in a complementary color to your photo.

3. Adhere your cardstock to the center of your card base.

4. Adhere your photo to the center of your cardstock.

5. Stamp your sentiment into the center of the card inside or leave blank.

What you need:

Two colors of cardstock


Paper trimmer


Stamp and ink

Happy Crafting,


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