• Misty Gage

Capturing Memories

Life is hectic and crazy and it's only getting worse. We are constantly trying to get farther, faster and get more done with our limited time.

But when the end comes what will we actually have to show for it; a big bank account, maybe a huge house, unhappiness?

Life isn't about coming out on top all the time or reaching that far off destination that always feels just out of reach. Sometimes it's simply about slowing down and enjoying the journey along the way.

Long ago I started my crafting journey as a scrapbooker so I know how important not only enjoying precious moments is but also recording them to enhance your experience.

I learned through my scrapbooking journey that I loved being in the moment, capturing it forever on film, creating the layouts and preserving the memories but I didn't really like writing about them (funny considering I love to write).

Part of my problem is that I firmly believe "a picture is worth a thousand words" and that capturing the perfect photo means nothing else is needed. The other bigger problem is that I never took note of details or feelings on my travels. I relied on my memory (what a horrible idea) to remember everything.

In hind sight that really wasn't the best idea considering I capture all my photos in order to remember where I've been. I eventually came to realize that even the perfect photo couldn't capture hardships along the way, amazing little details that only I noticed or the absolute exhilaration I felt climbing that mountain.

This lack of precious information made it daunting to go back and journal in my scarpbooks. That's why now I journal along the way as well as capture outstanding photos. Even though I know longer scrapbook, I want my WHOLE journey to be amazing and remembered.

1. Create or purchase a travel journal.

2. Sketch out your drawing in pencil first. If you think you're not an "artist" find a photograph you love and draw what you see.

3. Use a non-bleeding, lightfast pen to trace your sketch. Once your positive your ink is 100% dry, go back in and erase all pencil marks.

4. Fill in all your details, patterns or "zen" work.

5. Use your favorite set of alcohol makers (make sure your ink is 100% dry before preceding) or colored pencils to color in your image.

6. Write or stamp your phrase.

What you'll need:

Travel journal


Fine-liner/drawing pens


Alcohol markers or colored pencils

Stamp and ink pad (optional)

Happy Crafting,


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