• Misty Gage

Can I Borrow a Kiss?

I happened upon a stamp set a few years back that I immediately fell in love with. The stamp asks "Can I borrow a kiss?" then follows it up with "I promise to give it back." Isn't that clever, I just love it!

Of course this prompted all kinds of card ideas to flash through my brain in rapid succession. Here's the one I love the most. Not only is it great for Valentine's Day but it's perfect for any occasion or just adding some spice to your day.

1. Create your card base. Mine is 5x7".

2. Cut a 4.75x6.75" red rectangle and adhere to the center of your card base.

3. Cut a 4.25x6.25" white rectangle. Set aside.

4. Grab your best red lipstick and put it on.

5. Determine where you wan to put your "kiss" and pucker up.

6. If you are happy with your lip impression adhere your white rectangle to the center of your red rectangle.

7. Use a paint brush and small amount of gel medium to seal in the lipstick. Be sure you paint lightly so you don't smear the lipstick. Let dry.

8. Stamp your sentiment over or near the lips.

What you'll need:

White cardstock

Red cardstock

Paper trimmer



Gel medium

Paint brush



Happy Crafting,


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