• Misty Gage

Camp ThunderCraft Journal

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

In honor of Camp Thundercraft (which I'm on my way to as we speak) I decided to make a small keepsake journal where I can keep track of my weekend and all the things I love about it.

1. Create or purchase a travel journal.

2. Sketch out your drawing in pencil first. If you think you're not an "artist" find a photograph you love and draw what you see.

3. Use a non-bleeding, lightfast pen to trace your sketch. Once your positive your ink is 100% dry, go back in and erase all pencil marks.

4. Fill in all your details, patterns or "zen" work.

5. Use your favorite set of alcohol makers (make sure your ink is 100% dry before preceding) or colored pencils to color in your image.

6. Write or stamp your phrase.

What you'll need:

Travel journal


Fine-liner/drawing pens


Alcohol markers or colored pencils

Stamp and ink pad (optional)

Happy Crafting,


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