• Misty Gage

Awaiting the Sunshine

The dreary PNW winter is starting to get to me...I need some sunshine! The lack of it's warmth spreading through my tiny apartment is taking it's toll on my mood and over all well-being and I am so not ok with that.

When I first moved up here the lack of sunshine made me paint several of my walls bright yellow. It's effect was instant and welcoming and has lead me to add color throughout the apartment, but this year I've come to realize my current décor just isn't doing it for me any more and a change is needed once again.

I want the apartment to be beautiful and fresh but with minimal material objects and a lot more nature. As a crafter and upcycler I tend to collect a lot of things but I'm working my way towards a minimalist lifestyle.

So here it is, the beginning of the changes.

I'm already in love with what I've done so far! It's bright and cheery with minimal items, lots of color and a natural theme. Everything about it makes me happy.

The frame in the background was picked up heading for the trash. I loved the simplicity and shape so much I brought it home where it's been waiting for it's day in the sunshine. A quick coat of paint gave it a fresh new look. I'll be adding an accent "project" into the center of the frame but you'll have to wait 'til Wednesday for the details and photos.

For the smaller frame I stretched an old piece of sheet I just adore (those pink flowers accent the others perfectly!) around the frame insert. Then I painted the mat that came with it to stretch my favorite blue across the whole mantel.

The two books on the end are some of my favorites because they're filled with gorgeous photos and wonderful quotes but one of them is bright orange. I didn't want to remove them so I made book covers with my cardstock instead.

The cute little jar at the end is a simple mason jar filled with moss. I also wrapped jute around the top and tied a bow to give it a more finished look before adding in the flowers. I plan on making two others for a wall accent I'm adding to the room (photos to follow).

As a finishing touch I added in some of my favorite pieces from my original mantel décor for dimension.

And there you have it, a beautiful beginning to something new that didn't cost me a fortune or have me cringing over how much stuff is sitting everywhere.

These simple changes have already helped me "see the light" and give me the patience I need to wait winter out. I hope it's also inspired you to make some changes and find your happiness in everyday things.

"Til next time,


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