• Misty Gage

Angel Layout

The love of a beloved pet is something many of us cherish. We spend years loving this perfect little companion. Our hearts overflow with love and gratitude every time we look at them. They are our best friends and loyal confidants.

Unfortunately these beloved friends rarely outlive us and we are left heartbroken. Scrapbooking their life and remembering all the joys you shared together is a great way to celebrate them and to heal through your grief.

1. Chose paper for your main background, secondary background, accent 1 and accent 2.

2. Cut each of your main background papers to 10.5x12".

3. Use your punch to create a boarder down the left side of your left background paper.

4. Punch two more hearts on the bottom right corner of your right background paper, making sure to leave 1.5" in between each.

5. Tie your ribbon from each heart around the edge of the paper.

6. Adhere to your main background pages to your secondary background pages leaving 1.5" of your secondary paper showing on the outside edges.

7. Cut two 1x12" strips from your accent 1 paper. Adhere across the bottom of both pages in between your two right hand hearts.

8. Chose five 4x6" photos. Cut two down to 4x5.5", and 2 down to 2.5x3.5".

9. Using your accent 2 paper, cut two 4.25x5.75" mats, one 4.25x6.25" mat and two 2.75x3.75" mats.

10. Adhere all photos to center of each corresponding mat.

11. Arrange your photos in the layout shown or create your own.

12. Add the rest of your embellishments.

*I hand cut each of my little tags then hand-stamped them with letters.

*I attached each one to the page with a brad. You can glue them down first or leave them loose.

*I used a Cricut to cut out my title then simply layered it and glued it down.

*The angels are handmade using my heart punch for the wings and body. I hand-cut a head and hair then drew a face.

*For the journaling space: cut a 2.5x3" rectangle out of your accent 2 paper. Cut a 2.75x3.25" rectangle out of your accent 1 paper. Layer together and adhere to the page.

What you'll need:

2- 12x12" main background paper

2- 12x12" secondary background paper

1 each- 12x12" accent 1 and accent 2 paper


Paper trimmer

1" heart punch

Thin ribbon


5- photos

Cricut machine or stickers



Ink pad

Happy Crafting,


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