• Misty Gage

An Upcycled Christmas

When I was younger I used to love getting gifts, getting to see the tree all decorated and sparkling bright. As I grew I was constantly trying to find that perfect gift for everyone, no matter how much it cost me. Now I've come to realize that Christmas doesn't mean you put yourself in debt to buy the "newest" trendy things. That goes for decorations, gift giving and parties too.

Christmas isn't about how much you get or even give, it's about love, family & friends and finding happiness in life (just like everyday should be). Working retail as long as I have I've always wondered why Christmas seems to bring out the worst in people. I mean seriously, fist fights and stampedes over a lousy toy....really?

So this year I decided to scale way back, not only on my gifts but on decorating and over-spending in general. I didn't have to break the bank, go in debt or stress about that hard to find gift I thought I just had to have. And let me tell you, the Christmas season has been a whole lot more merry and bright.

I wanted to share some wonderful ideas I used to simplify my Christmas this year. The first being upcycled gift wrap to go with my upcycled gifts. I used some left over paper bags and pretty ribbon to wrap everything. Simple right!?!

As you saw in my 12 days of gift giving I also created my own cardboard ornaments. They are ridiculously easy to make and tons of fun for a family project or new tradition. If you missed my upcycling inspired 12 days of gift giving, they are a must see! Especially if, like me, you're looking to simplify your holidays.

And lastly I used Mother Nature's own beauty to trim my tree with handmade pinecone garland. I love the outdoorsy look these little cuties added!!

Nothing elaborate or fancy for me this year and I've gotta say it's been absolutely perfect! I hope the holidays find you happy and enjoying all the small things as well.

Merry Christmas

and 'til next time,


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