• Misty Gage

An Incredible You is Waiting

Each of us is an artist...and before you start arguing, yes I'm talking about you! Just maybe not in the way you're thinking. We are all creating art with every single breath with take, the world is our canvas and life is our masterpiece.

You are also a storyteller and no two stories will ever be the same. No matter how hard we try to convey ourselves to the world or try to understand others around us (or the world itself) the truth is that no one and I mean NO ONE will ever know what it is to be you.

No one can ever really know how you feel or what you see even if you describe it. No one can see through your eyes or experience the exact same things as you because you are unique.

So why do we all keep trying to be what we think we "should/shouldn't" be instead of simply being who we are? Why are all of us trying to fit ourselves into someone else's mold?

My art, life, and everything else about me are 100% me and no one else. It doesn't matter if other people love it, hate it or even understand it. I'm ok with that. It's me and it's unique. It's special because no one will ever make it exactly the way I did. No one will ever pour in the same emotions and thought into it as I did. It's impossible to be someone else. Why do we try?

You and I can stand shoulder to shoulder and never see the same things, focus on the same exact details or even see/feel the things around us the same way. It's a beautiful thing and it's what makes life so spectacular.

Why is it so important for us to fit into society's idea of what we need to be. Why is acceptance so important to us that we sacrifice a life of happiness and self love to achieve it?

The simple answer? We've been conditioned for thousands of years by society that we all need to fit into a perfect pretty little package. Well I'm done with that! My life is beautiful and the brush is in my hands.

Share your story, the good and the bad. Share your art, your life and your masterpiece freely with the world. If someone doesn't agree, wish them well and move on. Life is too short to waste trying to make people see things your way.

Who in the world wants to be like someone else. "Normal" is boring! Be you and be free!

'Til next time,


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