• Misty Gage


I've always loved the idea of art journaling but have never tried it out, which in retrospect is silly given my love of both art and journaling. I gave it a fair amount of thought but still couldn't bring myself to start one. Instead, I took the idea of "journaling" and created a canvas. Something I love doing!

The canvas was actually created a month or so ago when I was busy experimenting with the fascinating concepts of layering. I made a couple of others that I finished but this one got left behind and has been hanging around waiting for it's day in the sun.

I started by using simple beige acrylic to cover my canvas, couldn't just leave it white. After that I added countless layers of green, orange and more beige 'til I created something I loved. I have a hard time layering since I adore each layer so much. They are all so beautiful and unique, it's incredibly hard for me to cover them up. But this project was all about layers so I'd forced myself to do it. Along the way I played with TCW stencils, black acrylic and some walnut ink to give it a worn ol' fashion feeling scattered throughout the layering. And that's where I left it.

Until a couple days ago. Inspired by the gorgeous fall weather and all it's vibrant colors I decided the canvas was perfect for making my new "art journal" canvas. I pulled her back out along with some glittery fall leaf embellishments, rhinestones, chipboard flowers and my trusty Sharpie. I love Sharpies, I do all my zentangels with them!

I wanted to bring affirmation to myself but not in an over flowery kind of way so with the blank canvas before me I grabbed up my Sharpie and just started doodling the first thing that came to my heart.

I often overlook the fact that I am Worth It. It, being a number of things: being loved, taking care of myself, trusting who I am, forgiving myself and most importantly doing what I love & makes me happy (just to name a few). This canvas is going to be my reminder.

I took a couple of minutes to jot down a few reasons why I am worth it all around the canvas then added in some twisting vines. Now for the pretty extras! I'm not really a fan of glitter (working in a craft store I'm usually covered from head to toe in it on a daily basis, gag!) but these fall leaves were just perfect. I love that the glitter adds an extra layer to my layering and the bit of sparkle it desperately needed. So I sprinkled them about before adding little rhinestones to finish each one.

My last addition was going to be these super cute chipboard leaves I have but the more I thought about it the more it seemed a bit like overkill so I changed 'em to some pretty chipboard flowers instead. The unfinished "wood like" quality looks gorgeous with the canvas and overall theme but they needed something else... voilà more rhinestones! Yay!!! So pretty!!

So there you have it. My beautiful, heartfelt reminder that I am worth so much more than I give myself credit for. If you're ever in doubt of your self-worth grab a paint brush or heck, a pen if you'd rather and write down all the things that make you special. Remind yourself everyday that you are beautiful and you are worth it!

'Til next time,


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