• Misty Gage

Adventure is Out There

With my bestest friend heading off to a life of adventure soon I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make her a gift while at The Makery last weekend.

We got to pick any phrase we wanted so I went with "adventure is out there". I figured it would be fun to hang in their new "mobile home" as they wander around the country.

However, after getting it home and giving it more thought I knew that wouldn't be good enough. When space is tight and everything needs to serve a purpose, a wall plaque just isn't going to measure up.

That's where the creator in me came in. How awesome would it be if the wall plaque doubled as a cutting board or serving tray! Not only great on the wall but now with a function.

1. Purchase or make your plaque.

2. Using a large sponge, paint or stain your plaque. Make sure your strokes go with the woodgrain not against it.

3. Align your stencil in the center. I strongly recommend a self-adhesive stencil as this keeps its from moving around, getting bleed-through and allows you to simply remove it when done.

4. Paint your image with small lightly coated sponges (you don't want too much paint or you'll get bleed through) and acrylic.

5. Two to three layers should be enough. Make sure each is dry before adding the next.

6. Once 100% dry, remove the stencil.

7. Use a small brush and acrylic for any touch-ups. Let dry.

8. Add your hanger to the back.

9. Purchase a resin kit and follow ALL instructions exactly. Resin is very sensitive, do yourself a favor and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS.

10. Let dry 100%.

What you'll need:

Wood or a pre-made plaque

Acrylic paints

Large sponge

Small sponges

Self-adhesive stencil

Detail brush

Wire and screws or a pre-made hanger

Resin kit

Drop cloth

Popsicle sticks

Disposable cups

Happy Crafting,


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