• Misty Gage

A State of Unrest

My heart's been heavy and I feel a terrible weight of burden pressing upon it. I feel trapped by situations, routines, material objects, people, responsibilities, and the general state of life as I know it.

To be perfectly honest I'm at the point where I want to take everything I own, throw it in the trash, run as far as I can in the opposite direction and NEVER look back.

I need a change, something life altering, before my creative soul becomes consumed. I need a clean slate in which to paint a new story, a new life, a new version of myself.

This is where it begins.

Maybe you've felt this way before or maybe you feel this way now. We all go through periods where our lives no longer fit us and we need to move on. That's life.

No matter how much I'd love to leave everything behind and jump right into a new life it's not feasible for me, yet. Lucky for me I've got determination, motivation and a whole ton of willpower on my side. Can't hurt to have a plan either right.

So here's the challenge I've set for myself, your welcome to join me if you're feeling stuck or longing for a change too. I'm going to start with all those little things I can fix/change and work my way out. Who knows, maybe all those little things will add up to something big.

Life Change Challenge #1: Stop making excuses!

Making them is easy, stopping; not so much. I've said "I don't have time", "I'd rather do this", "I'm too tired", etc. too many times to count. It doesn't matter if all those things are true or not, my heart and soul need a change and I AM THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN MAKE IT.

I'll be keeping a journal close by to monitor all of my excuses and how often I use them. Knowing is half the battle right.

Life Change Challenge #2: Set those goals!

Setting goals is easy, setting achievable goals/steps is where I fall short which means they aren't always getting accomplished. Setting small achievable goals forms a habit and is much easier than diving into a huge commitment I may resent or postpone.

I'm going to write out all of my huge goals and break each one down into tiny little piece I can work on each day. Who knows all those little things may add up to something big. And just for fun, I'm gonna do it with creativity and flare.

Life Change Challenge #3: Suck it up and get 'er done!

Of course working on a new art project sounds more fun than cleaning the house or going through old things to give to Goodwill but that doesn't matter anymore. The things I don't necessarily want to do can lead to great accomplishments and a better sense of well being. They will also get me one step closer to some of my end goals.

I love checking off lists but this ones going to be hard for me. With summer well on its way, there are literally thousands of things I would rather do. So, to combat this I'm going to create an activity calendar for at least the first few months to include goals, adventure, creativity and social get togethers. That way life stays balanced, I won't get burnt out and my need for fun is acheived too.

Life Change Challenge #4: I am accounable!

This is by far one of my least favorites. It's much easier just to let the goal go when it isn't achieved then it is to tell someone you didn't make it. But that doesn't get you anywhere does it?

Since I will already have been goals written out in some form or another I'm going to place them somewhere I can see them every day and say them out loud at least once a day. I'm also going to celebrate each goal accomplishment and share my achievements with at least one other person no matter how small the goal was.

Life Change Challenge #5: Track it!

How on earth will I know things are changing or feel any sense of accomplishment if I don't keep track of what I'm doing? You can't be sucessful without vaild information.

I will write down any task I do that moves me in the direction of my goals no matter how insignificant they may seem.

Life Change Challenge #6: Crap happens!

No I'm not talking about excuses here. I'm talking about legitimate things like emergencies, unforeseen events, etc. Life happens and sometimes it can derail you. The key is to get back on your program as soon as you are able.

I will remember that life happens and that frustration with things I can't control is useless.

If you, like myself, are struggling I hope that this finds it's way into your life and offers you a measure of peace. You are not alone and some days are just more of a struggle that others but you will endure and overcome.

'til next time,


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