• Misty Gage

A Splash of Color

With rain still hammering the PNW I wanted to show off some beautiful color today. While wandering Shipwreck Beads in Lacey a few years back, a display necklace caught my attention. It was way out of my norm with a cluster of details smooshed into one tiny necklace but the colors drew me like a moth to a flame.

So I snapped a pic bought my things and headed home.

Months later I found the supplies buried in my closet and knew it was time. Though much simpler than the one that inspired me I love it all the same.

1. Measure out your main length of chain and set aside.

2. Measure out 8 identical lengths of smaller chain and set aside.

3. Create 9 bead strands. Layer your beads onto large headpins in any order you choose (each of mine are completely different, giving the necklace a fun disorganized feel). Make sure to create a loop at the end of each head pin.

4. Attach jumprings to all small lengths of chain and bead strands.

5. Lay your main length of chain down onto the table and find the center.

6. Attach one of your bead strands to the center link using the jumpring.

7. Skip a link and attach a small length of chain using the jumpring. Do this in both directions.

8. Skip another link and attach a bead strand using the jumpring. Do this in both directions.

9. Continue this pattern until you are finished.

10. Attach a lobster claw (or other clasp) to the ends of your main chain and you're all done!

What you'll need:

Round nose pliers

Needle nose pliers

Large chain

Small chain


Lobster claw or other clasp

Large headpins


Happy crafting,


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