• Misty Gage

A Positive Message

My wonderful mother has a hard time believing how beautiful she is both inside and out so for her birthday this week I decided to make her a pretty little reminder of just how beautiful the rest of us know she is.

Inside it contains handwritten letters, bold positive messages and photos of her, with plenty of space for her to write her own entries if she chooses.

1. Purchase a pre-made chipboard album or create or own. Mine came pre-embossed.

2. Remove the rings and separate all the pages so you can customize them.

3. Using any color acrylic you choose paint all of your pages (front and back) then let dry. I chose yellow since it's mom's favorite color.

4. Using a second acrylic color paint random areas on each page (front and back) then let dry. I chose orange to complement the yellow.

5. Using a spray ink (I chose Java walnut ink by Imagine) spritz all pages just a bit. Make sure you don't over do it or you'll lose all your other colors. Blot with a paper towel and let dry.

6. Using your secondary color and a sponge, dab a bit of color back over the top of the spray ink. This adds layers and pulls more of your color back out. Let dry.

7. Reassemble your book.

8. Write all your messages/letters and adhere your photos inside.

9. Adhere a chipboard word/phrase to the cover if you choose.

10. Use stickers, floral embellishments, stamps or hand-drawn elements to finish off the cover.

What you'll need:

Chipboard album/journal

Acrylic paint

Spray ink

Paint brush

Sponge/foam brush

Paper towels




Paper/stickers/floral embellishments

Chipboard phrase/word

Happy Crafting,


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