• Misty Gage

A Planner for ME

Productivity, for me, starts with planning; for my business and for life. So when I was introduced to the Happy Planner I dove in head first. A customizable planner...I mean come on, that's perfect!

Unfortunately after a year or so the magic wore off and I no longer love the product line. It took me a while but I came to realize that planning is seriously personal for each person and no matter how diverse the Happy Planner's product line is, it just can't be everything for everyone.

Luckily I'm creative. I grabbed ahold of the concept and ran with it. I'm proud to say I now have a planner that's 100% me from cover to cover with all the things I need and none of the stuff I don't.

Now, it's perfect!

Each month includes: a reusable divider (they make me smile every time I flip it open), a list of birthdays (so I never forget the people who are important to me), a savings tracker (you can't reach goals you don't have), a month at a glance calendar (each one matches the beautiful divider), and an expense list (I keep track of my business expenses but you could always use it for bills or other spending). My planner also has a password list and an address book so I can be organized no matter where I go.

Creating your own planner may seem daunting but believe me it's really not. All you need is a PC and some gorgeous cardstock. And the best part? It's 100% customizable, you can make every page exactly how you want it.

Here's how to create your own personalized planner.

1. Decide what cardstock you want to use for your covers and dividers. Cut them down to the size you want. Don't forget to leave room for your tabs.

2. Laminate all covers and dividers, making them reusable.

3. Turn on that trusty computer, open up word (or similar program) and create all of the pages you want.

4. Print your pages (creating back to back pages can be tricky when it comes to proper margins so be sure to do a trail run). Pro tip: Create separate margin parameters for front pages and back pages, this will save you lots of time.

5. Use your Happy Planner edge punch on all covers, dividers and pages.

6. If you haven't already get your planner organized page by page exactly how you want it.

7. Attach your Happy Planner discs to your planner a few pages at a time, making sure to secure all discs before moving on to additional pages.

What you'll need:




Paper trimmer


Happy Planner edge punch

Happy Planner disc set


Printer paper

Happy crafting!


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