• Misty Gage

A New Chapter

We grow. We change preferences. We love. We move our lives in new directions. We live. We choose.

Change is inevitable! It happens millions of times a day to each of us, sometimes without a thought, but the best part is when we get to choose.

As you know, I love creating! It's something I do daily and here it is changed again. Though my passion for creating remains my medium has shifted and that is amazing!

The choice to change and do what's best for me at any given moment is a true blessing.

1. Grab a blank journal.

2. Tear your favorite paper into pieces.

3. Using gel medium, collage your paper pieces to the journal.

4. Let dry.

5. Use a paint pen (or detail brush & acrylic) to draw details onto your journal.

6. Adhere 3D embellishments to the cover.

What you'll need:

Blank journal


Gel Medium 1" foam brush

Paint pen or detail brush & acrylic


Happy Crafting,


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