• Misty Gage

A Mother's Love

A mother, for most of us, is someone incredibly special. She does everything for her family, always putting them first without a second thought. She is the glue that holds things together in all situations and stands as the unshakable force supporting many lives.

Growing up I never really appreciated my mom, yes I loved her but our relationship wasn't always easy. She was there to be mom, not my best friend and though we rarely saw eye to eye (especially when I was a teen) mom was always there doing everything she could to make my life as good as it could be with what she had.

She stood beside me no matter what I did or thought. She voiced her opinion even when I didn't want to hear it. She supported me when I had no idea what I was doing. She let me cry when my life was falling apart and was there when I struggled to get back on my feet.

Now, as an adult, I can truly see my mom and appreciate her. We still don't always see eye to eye and I doubt we ever will but that's ok, it's because of her that I am the woman I am today.

I can look back at all the struggles she endured and overcame to take care of my two sisters and I. We were always the most important things in her life and there are no words strong enough to convey my gratitude for her.

A mother and her love is precious, she will fight for you and stand beside you through all things. Cherish her, be grateful for her and her love. Love her always.

A world with out a mother's love would be empty indeed.

'til next time,


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