• Misty Gage

A Long Forgotten Hobby

Scrapbooking is a very rare occurrence for me now-a-days. But, on occasion I get the desire to create a page or two. I have countless photos already printed up and dozens of albums overflowing with memories from when it was actually an everyday thing for me.

People find it ironic that I no longer scrapbook given my love of travel, photography and family have been set free. It was my "thing" when I was married but the second I got divorced I lost all interest in the hobby. It took me a long time to realize that I took up scrapbooking as a way to hold on to and persevere those rare moments when my ex and I were together and happy, when the annual visit with my family would take place or the days my social life actually existed.

Now my days and life are full of happy moments that continually blend into one another. I surround myself with people who make me happy and want to enjoy life each and everyday. These things have made all the difference. I no longer feel an intense need to hold onto my memories so tightly. I can let go and just enjoy life and the beautiful things that come my way!

This layout was made in honor of my new life and the future I have ahead of me. I chose the white color scheme and simple layout structure to signify purity and re-birth. The paper I chose signifies how my life may be rough around the edges but it's true beauty lies on the inside.

I used my Cricut for the title and of course wanted to represent butterflies in this simple yet elegant layout since they've always symbolized re-birth and change for me. For a tiny bit of bling I used pre-made flowers layered with pearls and sequins.

And lastly the photos I chose; simple, to compliment the rest of the layout but I chose to print one of them on vellum. I chose this because I loved the transparency both on the photo and as a metaphor for life. Being open, honest and transparent with other's and more importantly myself is something I value deeply.

Happy Crafting,


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