• Misty Gage

A Little Bit of Gratitude

With Christmas right around the corner and work going crazy as we prep for all our Christmas customers it's easy to lose sight of what's important. The stress alone over the last two months has been overwhelming but it doesn't mean I can curl into a little ball and hide until it's over (no matter how much I may want to).

Nope, life keeps right on going and I'm not about to meander through it grumpy and stressed out! That would mean giving in and letting the negativity win when there are so many other things to simply be grateful for.

So today I'm gonna keep it sweet and simple with a list of things I'm truly grateful for. This is a great exercise anytime life gets you down, you just don't feel like yourself, you feel alone or down on your luck.

1. I am ALIVE

2. I have a home and a job

3. Each and everyone of you. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for sharing my life and dreams with me!

4. I have an amazing, beautiful, loving family

5. New friends. It's amazing who you meet when your heart is open.

6. Old friends. Some of the best people I know and couldn't live without.

7. Coco is still with me and back to her normal happy-go-lucky self.

8. Christmas is almost over!!!!

9. Love, the world needs a whole lot more of it.

10. New opportunities and challenges.

11. Hot coco, fuzzy socks and a warm full body robe.

12. Random sunny days.

'til next time,


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