• Misty Gage

A Life of Photos

I just don’t feel right when my camera’s left behind, like part of me is missing. A sentiment many photographer share I’m sure. Photography’s an extension of me and represents the changes I’ve made in my life. As funny as it may sound, my photography helps me to focus on what’s really important. I love catching those rare moments when life is perfect, reflecting emotions in the silence and drawing someone’s eye to miniature details often overlooked. Things I miss when I’m busy running about my day. It’s my life line on hard days and my tether to a world I often feel disconnected with.

I’ve loved photography since I was a kid. It’s been the one constant in my creative journey. My younger self loved photographing everyone that wandered into my life and collaging them into barely organized chaos. It’s evolved alongside me since then and improves every day, from artfully displayed in my scarpbooking years to gracing gallery walls today.

The best part is that beauty is in everything; it’s all around us and if we could just slow down and appreciate it, the world would be a much better place.

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