• Misty Gage

A Fall Favorite

One of my favorite fall creations to date is this gorgeous necklace I made a few years back. Every fall it comes out and lovingly hangs around my neck. The vibrant colors bring a sense of fall even when I'm stuck inside and can't enjoy the beauty of the season.

It all got started when I was wandering around Shipwreck Beads (I'm telling you that store is addictive!) There's so much beauty and inspiration right at your fingertips. Literally hundreds of ideas scream to be made every time I venture in there.

I found these gorgeous blue polished stones and new I had to make something with them. Fall wasn't my intention since it was the middle of summer but that's what the necklace wanted to be so I went along and I absolutely love it.

1. Cut several different lengths of chain (I'm a serious symmetrical compulsive so I had to intentionally force myself out of my comfort zone here).

2. Add jump rings to each end of all your chain lengths.

3. String your stones & beads onto your eye pins in a variety of patterns. (Every one of mine is different).

4. Using your jump rings, attach your chain lengths and bead lengths together until you've completed your necklace (again try for randomness).

5. Lastly, create a "dangle" by adding one or two lengths of beads/chains and your charm/pendant.

What you need:

2 pairs of pliers





Eye pins

Happy Crafting,


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