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A Day for Gaines

Like many others, my love of Chip and Joanna Gaines started with Fixer Upper. I'd never heard of the two of them until I saw the show even though they'd been in business for countless years before it aired.

Joanna's eye for detail and beautiful farmhouse style spoke to me. My soul resonated with the sense of peace and comfort her simple style showcased. It invoked dreams of a simpler life, of leaving the craziness of my current home and lifestyle far behind and has already inspired me to make changes in my home and lifestyle.

Chip by far is the comic relief of the show but his unwavering sense of hard work and craftsmanship reflected that of my own, just on a bigger scale. I also love that even in the chaos, stress and business of life he always finds time for humor and fun. Something I desperately need to remember is important too.

Together they make a great couple. Not perfect, because let's face it no one is, but great because they support each other even through their disagreements, they work as a team and above all they demonstrate the importance of their family and close personal relationships.

It wasn't until a couple of months ago when I received an email about the Chip-starter program that I really became interested in these two. Let me tell you, when you start digging, they have done some amazing things! And no, I'm not just talking about building the Magnolia empire.

These two simple, amazing, inspiring people are blazing a path of inspiration for others. They truly want to make the world a better place for all of us. With Fixer Upper it was one house/family at a time. With Chip-starter, it's several big dreamers every year. Now they are working on a bridge-building summit where people from all kinds of backgrounds and mind-sets can come together to help figure out a better way forward for humanity.

I've spent the last few days reading Capital Gaines. My favorite chapters are Fear-less, Never Quit Your Day Dreams, Team of Rivals and The Runway because I love the messages these chapters convey.

Fear-less, as you can guess, is about living life without fear. Something I strongly support and have mentioned several times over my blogging journey. "When you aren't trying to avoid failure, fear loses its foothold. The courage to take a chance is half the battle. The other half? Viewing failure as a teacher and not an enemy". -Chip Gaines

As the title implies, Never Quit Your Day Dreams is all about following your heart, doing what matters and continually dreaming. "There's nothing admirable or respectable about laying yourself down, day in and day out, for a job you hate- not if you have a choice".- Chip Gaines

Given my spoiled view on the general public, my reaction to Team of Rivals was pretty important. This chapter focuses on that fact that each and everyone of us is exactly the same (God's children) and yet uniquely different. It mentions working together and learning to understand each other rather than forcing our own views on others. "No healing or breakthrough can occur apart from developing actual relationships with one another".- Chip Gaines

The Runway, in short, is about creating opportunities for others through our own hard work, dedication and support. I absolutely love this! It's why I want to open my retreat center. I want to inspire others to make their dreams come true, to believe in themselves and be who they truly are. "I want to spend my life ensuring that others get to live out their dreams. I want to live my life believing in others in a way that helps them to succeed. I want my everyday actions to have far-reaching effects".- Chip Gaines

I hope that Chip and Joanna can inspire you in some way, as they've done for me.

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