• Misty Gage


Updated: Aug 10, 2019

Last week I issued a challenge for you. One that took a lot of courage and imagination on your part. I asked you to come up with as many different lives as you could. Lives that you would love and could see yourself living.

Did you rise to the challenge? How many different lives where you able to come up with? Did your imagination lead you to places you never even considered when you let it lose?

I hope you were able to explore the thousands of possibilities that are waiting right outside your door.

We all love to dream, plan and gather knowledge, that's the easy part especially with the internet at our fingertips, but when it comes time to jump or take a "leap of faith" fear does a good job of keeping us planted safely on the ground.

We're not willing to risk it all (or even some of it), we can't bring ourselves to let it all go on faith that something better or more fitting is there just waiting to be found.

Jumping, that's the key to success though and most of us know it deep down, we just can't make ourselves take the action.

Whatever it is; whether it's business, life, travel, new jobs or any number of changes jumping has to be done.

So, lets get to the really fun part.

All those amazing alternate lives you dreamed up, it's time to test them out.

It doesn't have to be scary or even permanent. A test is simply that, a test. It's about finding a way into that life you dreamed of.

Take me for instance; my Love, Happiness and the American Dream life includes running a small farm. I've always been drawn to the idea of cutting ties with the hustle and bustle and living off the land. The simplicity and freedom to be found there intrigues me greatly.

Unfortunately I've never worked on a farm a day in my life and I wanted to test it out. It's not something I just want to quit my day job for before I know if it's really something I want to do.

That's why this weekend, I volunteered at Mother Earth Farm. It was a great experience and I'll probably do it several more times in the future but it also taught me a thing or two, like the fact that after several car injuries my body just can't handle the physical efforts.

You see, it was a great experience! I now know what I can and can't handle. I still want a farm life but I'll be much happier with a smaller garden instead.

I can let that life go and simply move on to the next life scenario.

Trying new things, having great conversations and meeting new people is easy and fun. It only takes a bit of time and curiosity on your part and the outcome can lead you down paths you never knew you wanted to follow.

Open yourself up to all the possibilities, find what you love and jump.

'til next time,


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