• Misty Gage

7 Tips for Finding Your Craft Fair

1. Be a customer first

This is an important first step in judging whether a show is right for you. See how the overall show feels and flows. Check out the layout and how it's organized. Make sure your wears match the show's audience and price points. Are the vendors happy? Are they making money? Are the customers engaging with the vendors?

2. Determine all fees

It's important to know exactly what you'll be paying for, down to the last penny, before becoming a vendor. This includes: application fees, booth fees, extra charges for chairs/tables, travel time and cost, display and packaging supplies.

3. Calculate the money

Knowing your numbers is a must! Use the fee numbers you gathered to determine if the show will be profitable for you. Set a realistic projection of what you think you will make and subract all of your fees.

4. Play detective

Knowing your potential reach is extremely helpful in determining the right show for you so do your research. Contact several vendors from previous shows for feedback and find out some behind the scenes pros and cons.

5. Get online

Follow the show's organizers on social media and see how they are promoting; use this to determine how much self-promotion you'll need to do.

6. Know your ideal customer

Determine if the show will give you sufficient access to the right new customers. Also determine if you already have a customer base in the show's location, this could be a great time to make personal connections.

7. Determine additional bonuses

Will there be media coverage/exposure? Can you connect face to face with your ideal customer? Are business to business connections possible through this show?

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