• Misty Gage

7 Reasons to Upcycle

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Upcycling has become quiet the trend lately and for very good reason (no, not just 'cause it's trendy); there are countless legit reasons why upcycling can improve your crafting and all our lives.

Reducing landfill waste

We barely have enough space for humanity these days, let alone all of our garbage. We’ve become so caught up in mass production and "on demand" items that we buy things as quickly as we throw them out and consumerism has grown out of control. Our beloved planet is suffering as overproduction and overconsumption become the norm.

Using less natural resources

This one's a no-brainer. Upcycling existing items means we aren't using any new materials to production new items. Sadly, most people don't realize just how much natural resources it takes to make simple things like: paper, t-shirts, or jeans. We're already running dangerously low on natural resources and will be in a world of hurt when our greedy ways catch up to us.

Helping Mother Nature

Our planet is our home and we are killing her. We have to take care of Mother Nature if we expect her to continue taking care of us. Every single item that we keep out of our oceans or in our landfills helps our planet and everyone of us thrive.

Recycle vs. Upcycle

The difference is simple: recycling takes the original items and breaks them down in factories to produce similar items. Because machinery is used natural resources are also consumed and waste is created. Upcycling uses creativity to turn the original item into something better using minimal additional items – typically things you already have. This lowers transportation and energy costs as well as carbon emissions.

Honoring craftsmanship

Behind every upcycled piece is a person who loves what they are doing and believes in helping the environment. Upcycling celebrates those crafters and artists who love making unique things with their hands, something very rare in our mass produced cookie cutter world.

Learn new skills

I don't know about you but having to buy the same thing over and over because it keeps breaking or having to pay ridiculous markup prices chaps my hide. Learning to upcycle means I can save money, create exactly what I want the way I want it and never pay markup prices again. The possibilities are endless and the creative challenges keep my skills sharp.

Supports locals

Upcycling also supports small local businesses and artists by giving them an opportunity to share their vision and skill with the world while creating a life through entrepreneurship.

I sincerely hope these few basics have shown you a glimpse into why upcycling is so important and how you can do your part. Upcycling isn't just a hobby it's a way of life and the world can benefit from it.

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