• Misty Gage

4 Trails Worth the Effort

As many of my close personal friends know, I'm an outdoor enthusiast who LOVES finding new places to visit, explore and photograph.

After spending the first 18 years of my life relatively sheltered, my love of the outdoors has become a beautiful lifestyle. I spend every extra second I get outside soaking in the sites and exquisite beauty mother nature offers.

That's why Washington has become more than a home to me. Not only have I settled into myself but I've also found great happiness here. Now, I consider myself an ambassador for mother nature and Washington state as I share my journeys and all Washington has to offer with others.

One simple step outside my door can lead to so many grand adventures!

Today, I want to share some of the amazing hikes Mt. Rainier National Park has to offer those who are willing to put in the effort. Be sure to follow the links for more information on each individual trail.

Rules to be aware of:

1. Dogs aren't allowed on national park trails and should be left at home.

2. Feeding the wildlife is illegal and can lead to a $1500 fine. And before you think you won't get caught, you'd be surprised by how many rangers are out there and seem to pop out of thin air.

Happy Hiking!


1. Tolmie Peak Trail

I've hiked this gorgeous 7.5 miles roundtrip trail with a 1100 ft. elevation gain three times in five years and it's still by far my all time favorite. It definitely isn't easy but can be done by families. One of our trips included four kids ranging from 5-11 all who made it to the lookout tower at the top.

2. Skyline Trail

This absolutely gorgeous 5.5 mile loop trail with a 1,625 ft. elevation gain is a must for anyone wanting countless spectacular views in one trip and an up-close encounter with Rainier. Definitely strenuous but not the most difficult hike I've ever done.

3. Comet Falls

This 3.8 mile roundtrip trail with an elevation gain of 1250 ft. is definitely the most strenuous hike I've taken in the area so far, though that may have something to do with the fact that I hadn't hiked much before doing it. Our trip to this waterfall included four kids ranging from 5-11 who, despite complaining a majority of the time, made it all the way to the end.

4. Faraway Rock

This short 2 mile roundtrip with a 300 ft. elevation gain is fairly strenuous as it's pretty much straight up hill and has several tall steps along the way but the view from the top makes it worth the effort. Our trip up this mountain included four kids ranging from 5-11, who made it to the top, so it can be done by families.

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