• Misty Gage

4 Creative Ways to use Cardboard

I love knowing that I'm keeping more waste out of our landfills and saving money by creatively upcycling what's laying around.

That's why cardboard is one of my favorite materials to use. It can be turned into pretty much anything you can imagine, costs practically nothing and is in great abundance.

Take a peak at these fun projects and let creativity be your guide to new possibilities.

1. Journals are a fun way to keep track of things you do and can be customized anyway you like. They can add beauty to a display or brighten someone's day when given as a gift. For tutorials on these projects see Free to Fly Journal and Cardboard Cuties.

2. Ornaments are so much fun to make and can easily become a new family tradition. For tutorials on these projects see 12 Days of Gift Giving- Cardboard Ornaments.

3. Boxes are easy to make or redecorate and can be used for gifts, artwork or décor.

4. Art has endless possibilities and is only limited by your imagination. It can be super simple or ultra elaborate, the chose is yours.

What will you create today?

'til next time,


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