• Misty Gage

4 Amazing Artists You Need to Know

Updated: Aug 2, 2019

Part of my creative mission is sharing creativity with others and one of my favorite things is sharing amazing new creatives with you!

There are so many amazing creatives out there with a plethora of talents that deserve to be seen. It's my great pleasure to create an opportunity for each and every one of them to be appreciated.

Amber Hellwig of Amber's Creative Cards and More creates one of a kind custom greeting cards.

Brittany Bolster of EddieSketti is a freelance/comic artist.

Holly Hooper of the Perfect Tooth Fairy Holder creates customizable felt tooth holders.

Aubrey Mead of Creative Corvid Designs creates a variety of knit accessories.

Be sure to view my one on one interviews with each creative and get to know their story!

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