• Misty Gage

12 Days of Gift Giving: Wine Cork Danglers

What you'll need:

Wine cork

Jewelry or floral wire

2 eye pins

Jump ring

Ribbon or twine

2 pair of jewelry pliers

Miscellaneous beads

Step by step:

1. Wrap and secure your wire around the wine cork in any design you wish.

2. Push an eye pin into the center of the top and bottom of the cork.

3. Use your pliers to attach the jump ring through the top eye pin. Add a loop of ribbon/twine to the jump ring.

4. Loop more wire or twine through the bottom eye pin leaving enough space for your beads.

5. Arrange your beads any way you'd like making sure to wrap the wire/twine around the bead if you want it to stay in a specific position. Be sure each end bead is secured so the dangle stays in one piece.

Just a note:

These danglers are sure to delight any wine enthusiast! They can be used as ornaments, gift charms or any number of other creative gift ideas.

Happy Crafting,


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12 Days of Gift Giving

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