• Misty Gage

12 Days of Gift Giving: Water Bottle Bracelets

What you'll need:

Plastic water bottles

Doublesided cardstock or other paper

1 fine tip Sharpie


Gel medium

Paint brush

Embellishments (buttons, gears, flowers, rhinestones, etc.)


Glue (I like Aleen's)

Step by step:

1. Cut a 1-2" (depending on how thick you want your bracelet) strip of plastic from the curve of the bottle. Use your sandpaper to buff out any abrasive edges.

2. Cut a strip of paper the same size as your plastic cuff. If you'd like to write a personal message or inspirational phrase on the inside now's the time.

3. Using your gel medium adhere your paper to the outside of the plastic cuff. Let dry completely.

4. Cover the top of the paper with gel medium creating a protective layer. Let dry.

5. If you're using any paper embellishments be sure to add a layer of gel medium as a sealer and let dry. Adhere your embellishments and let dry.

Just a note:

I love these fabulous little bracelets! Not only do they remove plastic from our landfills but they are so easy to customize. My favorite part? The secret messages I get to leave, of course!

Happy Crafting,


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