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12 Days of Gift Giving: TP Goodie Bags

What you'll need:

Empty toilet paper roll

Foam brush

2 pieces of cardstock or other paper


Edge Punch

Embellishment of your choice

Tissue paper (any color)

Step by step:

1. Cut a piece of your background paper the length and width of your tp (aka: toliet paper) roll.

2. Adhere a piece of ribbon to two sides of the top outside edge of the roll forming a half loop handle.

3. Cut a thin strip of tissue paper double the circumference of the tp roll. Adhere around the top outside edge of the roll. Make sure to add plenty of pleats/ruffles along the way.

4. Using your foam brush spread glue over the outside of your tp roll and adhere your background paper to the roll. Make sure there's no air bubbles.

5. Once dry, squeeze the bottom of the roll together and glue shut.

6. Adhere a piece of ribbon around the center of the roll.

7. Cut a strip of your accent paper long enough to wrap around the bottom of the roll. Use your edge punch to give it some extra design. Adhere it to the bottom of the roll.

8. Adhere your embellishment to the middle of the center ribbon.

Just a note:

These simple goodie bags can be used for any occasion, are in plentiful supply and are some much fun to make. Stuff 'em full of all those tiny stocking stuffers, spruce up some candy for the kiddies or hang them from your tree, the possibilities are endless!

Happy Crafting,


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12 Days of Gift Giving

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