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12 Days of Gift Giving: Soda Can Birdies

What you'll need:

Soda can

Embossing machine and folder

Paper piercer

Paint brush





Step by step:

1. Wash and dry your soda can. Cut the top and bottom off so you have a semi-flat length of aluminum.

2. Draw your birdie and wing on the can and cut out.

3. Emboss your birdie and wing. with your chosen pattern.

4. Paint both sides of your birdie and wing with your main color. Let dry completely.

5. Using a mostly dry brush, minimal paint and light strokes paint over the birdie and wing with the accent color on both sides. Let dry.

6. Cover both sides of the birdie and wing with sealer. Let dry.

7. Poke a hole through the wing and back of your birdie. Use wire to secure the two pieces together while also forming an "ornament" hook.

8. Poke two holes at the bottom of the birdie.

9. Wrap wire around your twig leaving an inch or so on both ends facing up.

10. Secure your twig to the birdie's bottom holes.

Just a note:

These fun little birdies add whimsy to any tree or garden and are oh so easy to make and customize.

Happy Crafting,


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12 Days of Gift Giving

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