• Misty Gage

12 Days of Gift Giving: Paper Votive Holders

What you'll need:

Cardstock or other paper

Twine or ribbon


Xacto blade

LED votives

Paper trimmer


Pencil and eraser

Step by step:

1. Cut three piece of paper 10" long by 6.5" wide, 5.5" wide and 4.5" wide.

2. Using your stencils and pencil draw designs onto the center of your paper. Keep in mind, your patterns need to have plenty of positive (not cut out) space in order to hold the circular shape.

3. Use your Xacto to cut out your patterns. If your patterns can't be flipped inside-out make sure to erase all pencil marks from the front.

4. Adhere the length edges together creating your circular holder. Let dry completely.

5. Wrap your twine/ribbon around the top and bottom of each holder and secure with glue.

Just a note:

Super simple yet so very clever! Easy to customize and inexpensive to create what's not to love about these little beauties.

Happy Crafting,


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12 Days of Gift Giving

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