• Misty Gage

12 Days of Gift Giving: Paper Bag Art Journals

What you'll need:

3 paper bags


Acrylic paints

Paint brushes



Step by step:

1. Remove the bottom and side pieces from one of your bags so that you're left with two full size "sheets" of paper.

2. With your other bag closed, fold it in half vertically and cute the bottom outer edge off. This will give you a "pocket" on each side (when it's folded in half). One will be a full pocket the other will have a small divider vertically down the center.

3. Repeat step two with your last bag.

4. Arrange your "pockets" and "sheets" in any order you want as long as the fold is always vertically down the center. Use your glue to bind each piece together down the center. Let dry. You can also put some staples down the center to reinforce the glue.

5. Use random colors and brushes to paint all of your "sheets" and "pockets". Letting the dry in between.

6. Once all pages are dry go back in and add some fun details like birds, butterflies, flowers, words, etc. Think of it as an I Spy came and let your paint and colors guide you. Let dry.

7. Cut a length of twine big enough to wrap horizontally around your journal as many times as you'd like. Tie in place.

Just a note:

If it weren't for the handles you'd never even know it was an old bag. How clever is that! Quick and tons of fun to make these art journals are 100% customizable and easy on the environment.

Happy Crafting,


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12 Days of Gift Giving

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