• Misty Gage

12 Days of Gift Giving: Cereal box Notebooks

What you'll need:

Cereal box

Acrylic paint, 4-5 colors




StazOn ink pad

Paint brushes



Hole Punch


Binder paper (for journals) or printer paper (for sketchbooks)

Chipboard phrase

Step by step:

1. Find the box's sideseam and open it up.

2. Cut the top, bottom and sideseam flaps off.

3. Crease the remaining side panel in half vertically.

4. Paint a layer of gesso over the surface. Let dry. Paint the inside with gesso. Let dry.

5. Paint the inside and outside whatever color you chose. Make sure to let each side dry completely before flipping it over.

6. Using a dry brush, a different color and minimal paint; paint a thin, light layer over the outside surface. Let dry.

7. Run your sandpaper lightly over your notebook to remove some of the second color. This reveals more of the first layer and give the notebook a worn old fashioned look.

8. Stamp your chosen images wherever you see fit. They can be random or used to create a scene.

9. Paint a couple of your stamped images to add another layer of color. Let dry

10. Use your stencils and paint to add more dimension, layers and color around your notebook. Let dry.

11. Paint your chipboard phrase. Once dry, adhere it to your notebook.

12. Punch 3 holes through all layers down the "bound" side of your notebook. Tie your twin through all layers and pages binding your notebook.

Just a note:

I know this project seems a bit overwhelming at first when in fact it's terribly simple. Most of your time will be spent waiting for paint to dry. So brush of that trepidation and get going. The results are well worth the effort.

Happy Crafting,


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